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Current/Recent Projects

Habitat Homes for Christmas 2023 (#74, #75, #76)

For this three home project, Radiant Films documented the construction process and interviewed many of the people involved to create this well-made documentary. We were able to show the heartwarming video at the Dedication Ceremony and it was enjoyed by many. Thank you Radiant Films for helping us capture the exciting journey that the Fuller, Efford, and Flakes families took to become homeowners.

Please take the time to watch this wonderful video that includes words from the Stone Martin Builders team, Mayor Fuller City of Opelika, Al - City Government, the homeowner families, and our very own Executive Director, Mark Grantham.

Thank you to the hardworking Radiant Films team: Lauryn Marshall, Jaylin Robinson, Anthony Gamble, and Corderous Gilmore for helping us build homes, community, and hope!

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